About Distributed Benchmark

Distributed Benchmark is a tool for benchmarking distributed systems.

Distributed Benchmark Basics

System logically consists of three elements:
  1. Client that produces events, calls or whatever with algorithms implemented in it.
    And these requests are to be handled by Server
  2. Server, which is responsible for handling requests from Client
  3. Configurator, which possesses all knowledge about that's going on, except how this is going on.
    In other words it supplies parameters for algorithms used in Client and Server
  4. User, who knows that's going on.
Typically Client and Server first asks Configurator for their parameters and then they without Configurators' intervention conduct an experiment and then report gathered data back to Configurator. Due to current version does CORBA load balancing service benchmarking the data collected during experiment are It's currently in "alpha", that means its working but there should be some assistance from user, i.e. it should be familiar with system basics. Distributed Benchmark currently presents following features:


There are some documentation for download at the moment. This article is an attempt to reconstruct how design was made. You can download it here Distributed Benchmark Design Case Study


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